What does Money Mean To You?

Money means many things to many different people. For some people money is power. For others money is security. For still others money is something people use to dominate, control and manipulate other people. Some people say money is the source of all evil, other people say money used for good is good. Many people use money as a way to express their love and appreciation to others.

The money you want can only come to you through and from other people. If you want people to give you money, even total strangers, because they love you or appreciate something you did for them, you must create a 'money pipeline' so when people want to give money to you, it is easy for them to do. That's why I recommend everyone create a donate button for themselves so that people who want to give you money can easily do so without any 'fuss or muss'.

What does money mean to you?

What did you learn from your parents about money?

For myself money is an expression of love. When someone gives me money, I feel loved by them because growing up it was the way my Dad expressed his love for me. That being said, If you feel that I am giving you 'value' (insights, knowledge and wisdom) above and beyond what you expected of me and want to send some love my way, leave a donation in the amount of your choosing.


Frederick Zappone