I traded in all of my fears for love because love inspires and energizes me whereas fear shuts me down and depresses me.

© 2016 By Frederick Zappone

AUTHOR NOTE: I have been at this self-love thing for quite some time and I can tell you from personal experience that there is not one fear that can continue to exist in the LIGHT of one's love for one's self. Every fear life has thrown my way (including fear related to the media and politics) I have been able to instantly dissolve with thoughts of love. If you want to know all that I know about self-love continue reading.


As a baby most of you were held and cuddled and because you were, you knew you were loved but as you grew older, it seemed as if you were loved less and less. You received less displays of affection and more commands and demands to do 'this or that' along with people telling you how you should and should not be.

Rejection, failed relationships and being disappointed by others caused you to no longer trust like you once did and you began building walls against love. Make no mistake about it, you are loved. However, if you can no longer feel the love, then no matter how many people tell you that they love you, love is not real for you. This is where self-love comes in.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to trust yourself and know the people you can and cannot trust. The more you love yourself, the easier it is to feel the love other people have for you.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to make feelings of fear, worry and anxiety disappear from your life with no effort at all.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is for you to find people who will love you the way you need to be loved. The more you love yourself, the less people are able to disappoint and hurt you.

The more you love yourself, the easier you can feel the love animals, flowers, trees and plants have for you. The more you love yourself, the easier it is to feel the love that God and the Universe have for you.

Love is surrounding you right now, in this moment, but because it is invisible to your eyes, until you feel the love, love is not real for you.

As you know, from your own life experiences, nothing good ever comes out putting yourself down, being afraid or criticizing yourself in any way.

When you feel loved, you feel very confident in yourself and you experience an increase in your self-worth.

The truth be told, the more you love yourself, exactly as you are, the easier life becomes for you and the more good things you attract to yourself.

If someone told me that by loving myself more I would solve every problem I had including money and health problems, I would've started loving myself years ago.

Sufficient self-love causes the things that have gone wrong (or are going wrong) in a person's life, to turn out right. Yes, that's how powerful self-love is. It seems our circumstances are a direct result of how much or how little we love ourselves.

When I started on my self-love journey I found out there wasn't a lot of material available that could precisely tell me how to love myself more. The material I read, about self-love, was either too complicated to understand or written by people who believed self-love was a selfish act rather than an act of self-care.

As I progressed through the stages of loving myself more I kept detailed notes and wrote down everything I was learning about loving myself sufficiently. I wrote down every thought and every insight that caused me to love myself more. As a result of applying the information I learned about loving myself sufficiently, my life improved in ten different ways.

After sharing my thoughts and insights about self-love with some of my close friends, I was encouraged to make my thoughts and insights on self-love available to anyone who was interested in them.

As a result of the encouragement I received, everything I learned about how to love oneself sufficiently I put into a program called the 21 Day Self-Love program. I called it that because the content of my program is delivered to you via e-mail over a period of twenty-one days.

Contrary to what people might tell you loving yourself is not an act of selfishness or conceit, it is a powerful act of self care. My program allows you to remove the barriers that are between you and feeling the love that is yours to experience every single day of your life.




The law of attraction works all the time. The question is, is it working in your favor or is it working against you?  If you are not getting what you want, it definitely working against you. 

Question: What is causing the law of attraction to work against me?

Answer:  Fear, nothing more than your unconscious fears.

You can tell what you fear are by what you are resisting. Resistance is always a sign you are 'fearing' something. Fear cannot be present without resistance. Once you dissolve a fear, resistance disappears and abundance appears. Everything you need to know about making 'resistance and fear' disappear from your life can be found on this page..

Resistance is caused by fear. It is either caused by the fear of not getting what you want or the fear of losing what you have. As soon as people feel fear their 'automatic programmed response' is to resist fear which actually increases the fear. In addition, fear makes you think thoughts that push away from you the things you want rather than attracting them to you.

In order for a fear to persist one must be resisting something, it could be a thought, a feeling, another person, or a circumstance or situation.


The Good and Bad Sides of RESISTANCE

Resistance can immediately be spotted because resistance never feels good.  When you catch yourself experiencing resistance, ask yourself:

‘Am I using this resistance to respect and protect myself from the unacceptable behavior of another or am I resisting  something (or someone) that is between myself and the good I want? In other words, am I sabotaging myself by resisting this person or situation?’

Resisting people can enrich your life if you are using it to respect and protect yourself from the bad behavior of others. On the other hand, resistance can create a lack of money, poor health or a lack of love in your life if you are misusing the ‘resistance tool’

Someone telling you to let go of, give up or to quit resisting your resistance is one thing but using the 'resistance tool' properly is tricky business

Everything I learned about removing 'resistance and fear' from my life I put into a program called the 21 Day Self-Love program. I call it that because the content is delivered to you via email over a period of 21 days.

My self-love program is a result of the insights and knowledge I acquired on my own journey of self-discovery that allowed me to dissolve the resistance that was between me and the good things I wanted out of life. Those good things included a love relationship with someone who accepted me exactly as I am, excellent health, abundant prosperity and what was personally most important to me, an exceptionally 'vibrant and real' relationship with the God of my understanding. I got all four.

My 21 day Self-Love program shows you how to use the 'resistance tool' properly in regards to all people and situations.

Additionally, my program shows you how to eliminate the resistance that is preventing the good you want from coming into your life.

My program is straightforward and easy to understand. All that is required for you to receive the maximum benefit from my program is to read one self-love email a day for 21 days. As a result of doing that, the information in my program will change your life for the better, forever.

All the good you want lives on the other side of the things you are resisting


Whatever you are resisting is the very thing you need to dissolve if you want to effortlessly attract to yourself the good things you say you want.

I don't care if you want excellent health, more love, the perfect relationship for you, more money or an exceptional relationship with the God of your understanding, the only thing that is stopping you from having it, right now, is whatever you are resisting right now.

The content of my self-love program will show you, in great detail, how to remove the resistance that is between you and the good you want.



• Frederick this new paradigm of self-love that you are teaching is truly revolutionary. I'm glad I've embarked on the 21-Days Self-Love journey. It is exactly what I have been looking for to wake me up to the habits that no longer serve me so that I can install self-loving thoughts and behaviors. - McKinley Williams, Los Angeles

• Mr. Zappone your Self-Love program has opened me up and improved EVERY area of my life. My self-awareness, confidence, energy and motivation has grown by leaps and bounds. And my sense of well being has increased too. I highly recommend your program. I only wish I had done this sooner. Tina Moore, UT

• As a result of doing the things you suggested in your self-love program, I noticed that the other things I wanted to achieve, besides loving myself more, started to manifest by themselves, as if by magic. Who would of thought that self love could make miracles happen but it does. Thank you, Thank you. - Maria B. Australia

• After a week of receiving your emails for a week, I'm already noticing changes. I had frequent heart palpitations due to anxiety, which have disappeared. My cravings for sweets, which made it nearly impossible to lose weight and are now non-existent. I still have a lot of work to do, but I can't wait to see what happens in the future. - Michael D., VA

• Thank you for all your wisdom, Frederick. I look forward to each little nugget of gold I get from you. .---brilliant messages full of fantastic thoughts. - Abby C. NYC

• I have been on the spiritual path from age 14, read hundreds of books on spirituality and positive thinking, so I know your insights are the truth. I look forward to them every day. - Marie J. Beaumont The Lemonade Diet

Thank you for your self love course. There were times when I wasn't sure about it, but looking back now I see that you have launched me onto the path that I needed to take. I have had a number of important insights and I am now moving in the direction I needed to go. I feel confident that I will reap the benefits I was hoping for. Self love leads me to allow my inner conflicts to be, and understand that blaming myself or arguing with myself is pointless, unnecessary and counter-productive. So it's all so much simpler than I ever expected it to be. At times it seemed impossible. Self love has gone past the stage of repeating the words "I love myself" without much conviction, and has shifted to the stage of accepting, honoring and appreciating what actually goes on in my head. WOW, THAT IS ONE HUGE LEAP FORWARD - .You did this for me, Thank you Frederick. Geneviève, Alabama.

• Thank you Frederick for your support. It has been more helpful than years of going on and on to people about my problems and more helpful than talking with various professionals. I think that it's not only your perspective but it's your delivery. I don't know you well enough to trust you but your counsel is sound and reasonable. It works for me. You are very good at what you do. It makes me think of the guys that they bring in to talk people off the ledge. I can appreciate that I have been working with one of the best. Thank you sincerely for your time. - Lily W. Montana



My 21 Day Self-Love program give you the insights and knowledge you need in order that resistance no longer stops you from attracting (or acquiring) the things you want.

In my program, I share with you a variety of ways to make resistance a non-issue for you. Once you have mastered using the 'resistance tool' properly you will be able to create the life you want, your way.

It is your spiritual destiny to have all the love, health, abundance and prosperity that you can handle. In all cases, resistance is the only thing that is between you and living the life you are destined to live.

All the knowledge and insights you need to make any and all resistance disappear from your life can be found in my program.

My program is for people who have the desire to fully express their power and magnificence into the world.

My program is for people who no longer wish to be victimized by their own thoughts and feelings or the thoughts and feelings of others.

Because I know the value and worth of my self-love program I won't ask for your email address so I can repeatedly email you trying to convince you to sign up for my program, that's your job.

My job, once you sign up for my 21 Day Self-Love Program, is to take very good care of you and to make sure you receive the benefits from my program that I promised you.

I want your life to be as healthy, happy and prosperous as my own. And because I do, along with my program, you get my expertise about using the 'resistance tool' properly. If there is anything you read in my program that needs clarification, feel free to write me by clicking on the reply button of any of the 21 email messages you receive from me.




21 Day Self-Love Program



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Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone, author of The Self-Love Program. Learning to love myself sufficiently was the most magical thing I ever did. I call it magical because it changed everything about my life. Once I started loving myself sufficiently, my health, finances and relationships got better for no logical reason I can explain other than the fact that I was no longer resisting unwanted things like I once did. As a result of no longer resisting unwanted things, it was easy for me to attract into my life all the good things I wanted.







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