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My Life, My Truth

Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone. I am the founder and host of the Self-Love Page. In addition, I am also the founder and host of five groups, the Self-Love Group For Women Only, the Grateful People Group, the Self-Forgiveness Group. the Empowering Money Group and the Affirmation Mastery Group. I spend full time posting content and answering people's questions on all my sites. I do this all free of charge because I feel the insights and life experiences I have to share with people will make their lives easier and much more enjoyable.

I quit my job in 1998 to write words and create videos that would inspire and empower people. I did this without any money and without any guarantee that I would be successful in inspiring and empowering people. I left my past behind me which included two bankruptcies, two divorces, the unexpected death of two of my children along with being homeless for a short period of time. Going through those tragic and painful experiences I had two choices. I could use my pain as a excuse to kill myself or I could use my pain to motivate myself to become a highly evolved 'loving and kind' spiritual person.

I chose to become a highly evolved spiritual person and share with people things I’ve learned, along the way, that have made life very easy for me. Today, I live the life of my dreams with three remaining children, fifteen grandchildren and a wife I adore.

My wife is my forever love and my best friend. I love her so much that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back to meet and marry her again in the next life.

Today, 90% of the work do I is available to people free of charge. The work I do on my Self-Love Page and in my five groups is supported by donations. If you appreciate my efforts to make this world a better place for all of us, please support my free work with a donation by clicking here. Your donation makes it possible for me to continue to serve people who cannot afford to pay me for my teachings.

AUTHOR NOTE: 90% of my income comes from donations. The links you see below take you to the online programs I offer people (who can afford them) that account for the other 10% of my income.


Self-Love Mastery For Women

(This program is also available for men)



A money master is a person who always has enough money to pay his bills, in full, monthly. In addition he has enough money to do what he wants to do when he want to do it. And the freedom to come and go as he pleases. I'm that kind of money master and you can be too.

Money Mastery Program