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Hello, my name is Frederick Zappone and yes freelance guru and spiritual panhandler are my real job titles. I'm the founder of seven sites where I spend sixty hours a week posting messages that inspire and empower people like yourself. I also post specifically selected memes that contain wisdom and insights about a variety of life's challenges. In addition, I give people's answers to situations they're facing that make life easier for them. I answer their questions by text message, email and phone along with answering people's questions in the comment section of my posts. I do this work free of charge. My work is supported by your love offerings. Donate now by clicking on the button located below.


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• Did you know that you are so POWERFUL that by the thoughts you choose to think you can make yourself feel totally powerless and then forget that you did that to yourself. That is how powerful you truly are.

• Feelings, the way you vibrate, are the first physical evidence that something (good or bad) is coming true for you. Don't like what's coming true, change your thoughts.

• Say it often enough and your word will become LAW in the universe.

• The REALITY you are currently experiencing is a result of your beliefs. To change your reality you must first change your beliefs. Why? Because whatever you believe is true for you always comes true for you.

• If God judges us like we judge others, a lot of us are going to be in deep shit.

• Reality is not cut in concrete, it is malleable. We can shape reality any way we want by changing our beliefs. Changing our beliefs changes our results.

• Nothing can discourage or defeat you except your very own thoughts or your thoughts about other people's thoughts, still your thoughts.

• It is bad enough that someone hurt you but to replay over and over again in your mind that hurtful incident allows that person to hurt you over and over again