Trust That You've Done Enough And Your Efforts Will Bear Fruit.



When we doubt ourselves (our thoughts and ideas) we push our 'personal power' away from us. When we do that, this results in us ending up feeling helpless, powerless, even desperate, a victim of life rather than victorious in life.

To put it bluntly, self-doubt f*cks everything. My life was a disaster until I learned how to fully trust myself in all ways and under all circumstances. When I lived in a world of self-doubt I experienced two divorces, two bankruptcies and years of therapy. The therapy stopped me from killing myself but it didn't make me any more confident in myself. It was when I taught myself how to fully trust myself that I went from living in poverty hell to living in prosperity heaven.

When I talk about prosperity heaven, I am taking about prosperity in all areas of my life including money, health and my relationship with others.


When you don't fully trust yourself, feelings of depression wash over you, you start losing hope in yourself and worry, fear and anxiety begin making a permanent home in your mind. The absence of trust, more than any other virtue, has doomed many good men and women to failure.

From birth the majority of us are programmed to not trust ourselves. In fact we are programmed to trust other people (parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, ministers, etc.) more than we are programmed to trust ourselves.

The lack of self trust undermines our self-confidence and It can reduce our 'sense of self worth' down to nothing. A lack of self-trust can make us feel lower than a snake's belly.

Without fully trusting ourselves many of us are destined to fail and to repeat our failures over and over again throughout our entire life. The result of people not fully trusting themselves causes people to unconsciously sabotage themselves. This explain why some people fail time and time again. A lack of fully trusting ourselves results in excessive worry, anxiety, despair and depression.


I coach people on how to reclaim their 'authentic power' by learning to fully trust themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives. I coach people to fully trust themselves by way of text messages. The reason I coach this way is because my coaching is most effective when you are in the midst of a situation where you are not fully trusting yourself.

When you find yourself in the midst of a self-trust episode where you are doubting yourself, you text me about the situation and I text you back insights on how to trust yourself in that 'particular situation' right then and there. During the month you can text me as many times as you want when you are going through a self-trust episode (or have questions about trusting yourself) and I will text you back with insights that are guaranteed to work for you.

I work with people on a month by month basis, there is no long term obligation. My self-trust coaching fee for one month is only $50.00. For that fee I am available to you, via text messages, seven days a week from 6 AM in the morning to 9 PM at night. Any time you have issues about fully trusting yourself or questions about self trust, text them to me. I normally respond immediately or within a few minutes.

At the end of one month you should have enough information about fully trusting yourself that you will no longer need my services. However, if you would like me to coach you for another month, that is an option that is available to you.

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Self-Trust Coaching

By Frederick Zappone

Yes, I want to be coached on fully trusting myself including trusting my thoughts, ideas and feelings. I understand once I pay my $50.00 fee I will receive your phone number so I can text you and begin immediately receiving insights from you that will allow me to trust myself, at the 100% level, in all ways and under all circumstances.

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As soon as I receive your payment, I will send you a confirmation letter with my phone number in it so I can start coaching you as soon as you text me. When you first text me be sure to include your name in the message so I know you are a new client of mine. - Frederick Zappone

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