Creating 'Real Life' MAGIC In Your Own Life


Did you know that you can spontaneously attract whatever it is you want, out of thin air, like magic!

The knowledge I have to share with you WORKS and will contradict almost everything you presently know in regards to how you go about getting the things you 'really' want out of life.

The first thing you need to know is that the only thing that is stopping you from creating 'real life' magic for yourself RIGHT NOW is the fear based hypnotic trance you are living under. You may not even be aware that you are living under a fear based hypnotic trance but you are.


A fear based hypnotic trance will make you feel like you are not enough, It will make you doubt yourself and cause you to worry and feel anxious. It will make you feel like your best is never good enough. It will cause you to feel depressed when feeling that way is not necessary at all. It will cause you to feel helpless, powerless and ineffective from time to time and It will cause you to have hope only to see your hope turn into hopelessness time after time.


The only way you can feel when you are under the influence of a fear-based hypnotic trance is negative. Feeling negative does not mean you are flawed or defective in any way because you are not. Feeling negative ALERTS you that you are temporary stuck or trapped in an unwanted fear-based hypnotic trance.

Once you SNAP OUT of the fear based hypnotic trance you will be in a position to create 'real life' magic. No longer will you have to pursue or chase after what you want. Instead, simply by thinking the right thoughts what you want will find its way home to you, as if by magic.

Living under a fear based hypnotic trance cuts you off from your magical powers.  Instead of feeling like the incredibly powerful person you truly are, you end up feeling weak and ineffective like a victim. This is in contrast to experiencing yourself as victorious in creating and manifesting every good thing you have ever wanted, out of life, with little or no effort at all.

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Creating REAL LIFE Magic

By Frederick Zappone

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