The Secrets To Uninstalling Self-Doubt
By Frederick Zappone - ©2017

We don't think of self-doubt as a horrible, tragic disease but it is. Self-doubt will strip you of every shred of dignity you have. It will make you feel less than. It will make you feel like you are never enough. 

Self-doubt, if left unchecked, will bury you into the ground and then spit on your grave. From personal experience I can tell, self-doubt is the worst disease the human mind can possibly experience.

Most people who know me think of me as a paragon of power and strength and in many ways I am but that wasn't always the case. 

For a great portion of my life I was a terribly insecure person. I was riddled with self-doubt; big ones, small ones, ugly ones, shameful ones. I had so little confidence in myself that thoughts of suicide entered my mind more times than I care to remember. 

My self-doubts crushed and defeated me so many times I ended up being chronically depressed for over twenty years.  I went to a number of doctors and therapists. I took the medicine they prescribed but in the end self-doubt controlled every aspect of my life from my health to my love relationships to how much money I had. And because I didn't face my self-doubts head on I failed in three major areas of my life. I ended up with no money, no relationships and poor health.  

For the longest time self-doubt felt like a very big, angry gorilla kneeling on my chest beating the crap out of me day in and day out.  

Over the years I got to know my 'enemy' well and finally the day came when I RECOGNIZED that there was nothing wrong with me personally and they was a whole lot wrong with my thinking. And that is when I started the journey of loving myself more and doubting myself less.

Over a relatively short period of time I was able to make every major self-doubt disappear from my life so I could have all the love, robust health and money I wanted. What I did to make my self-doubts disappear you can do too. To learn about my Self-Love Thought MASTERY program that makes it possible to remove self-doubt from your mind, continue reading.

As you know from your own personal experience nothing good ever comes out of doubting yourself. The more you doubt yourself, the more ineffective and powerless you become. The more you doubt yourself the more often feelings of depression, fear, worry or anxiety wash over you.

The biggest enemy you will face in your life is self-doubt. Self-doubt will stop you from making your dreams come true and if you do start them, self-doubt will stop you from seeing them through to completion.

Self-doubt makes people feel anxious, neurotic and insecure, it causes them to worry more than they should and to suffer needlessly. It also causes them to be indecisive and not take action when action is called for.

Self-doubt is to the mind what cancer is to the body. It will eat you alive if you do not stop it from destroying the best parts of you.

Self-doubt can be ruthless and cruel and once you buy it's LIES that you are not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough, you are doomed to failure. Self-doubt signals a lack of self-esteem and self-love. It signals that you think less of yourself rather than thinking the best about yourself.

If someone told me that by loving myself more I would make all of my big doubts disappear, I would have started loving myself more years ago.

When I started on my journey of removing self-doubt from my life, I found out there wasn't a lot of material available that could precisely tell me how to begin loving myself more and doubting myself less.

As I progressed through the stages of loving myself more and learning how to doubt myself less, I kept detailed notes and wrote down every insight I used to remove the pain of self-doubt from my life.

As a result of applying the information I learned, my life improved dramatically in three important areas; relationships, health and money.

After sharing my self-love and self-doubt insights with my close friends, I was encouraged to make them available to people interested in them.

As a result of the encouragement I received, everything I learned about how to love myself sufficiently and eliminate major self-doubts from my life I put into a program called the Self-Love Thought MASTERY Program

If you are tired of doubting yourself my self-love program will end that problem for you once and for all. That you have doubts, in the first place, is not your fault. Self-doubt is something you learned, it is something that was programmed into you during your formative years. And what you learned that does not inspire and empower you today, can be unlearned.

Everything you need to know about about eliminating the crippling effects of self-doubt from your life can be found in my self-love program.

Once you digest the content of my program, the success you've wanted will be so easy to achieve that you will wonder why you didn't start loving yourself more and doubting yourself less earlier in your life.

My program contains the insights and knowledge I acquired on my own journey of self-love that allowed me to dissolve all the self-doubts that were between me and the three most important things I wanted out of life.

Those three things were a 'love relationship' with someone who loved and accepted me exactly as I am, excellent health, and abundant prosperity. Once I was able to eliminate my self-doubts, I got all three.

Self-doubt is an unwanted habit of thought that has the power to stop us from having the things that we want out of life. Self-doubt is not self-love, it is actually a painful form of self-abuse. My self-love program will show you how to stop doubting yourself so you can experience yourself as the magnificent, powerful, lovable to the core person you truly are.

The secrets to making self-doubt disappear from your life can be found in my 'cutting edge' self-love program. The personal experiences I share with you in my Self-love Thought MASTERY Program will make it possible for you to eliminate the major self-doubts from your life that are stopping you from having all the love, health and money you can handle.

- Frederick Zappone


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Learning to love myself sufficiently was the most magical thing I ever did. I call it magical because it changed everything about my life. Once I started loving myself sufficiently, my health, finances and relationships got better for no logical reason I can explain except that I was taking the time to love myself more.- Frederick Zappone


Self-Love Program Testimonials


• Frederick this new paradigm of self-love that you are teaching is truly revolutionary. I'm glad I signed up for your self-love program.. It is exactly what I have been looking for to wake me up to the habits of thought that no longer serve me so that I can install thoughts that inspire and empower me.. - McKinley Williams, Los Angeles

• Mr. Zappone your Self-Love program has opened me up and improved EVERY area of my life. My self-awareness, confidence, energy and motivation has grown by leaps and bounds. And my sense of well being has increased too. I highly recommend your program. I only wish I had done this sooner. Tina Moore, UT

• As a result of doing the things you suggested in your self-love program, I noticed that the other things I wanted to achieve, besides loving myself more, started to manifest by themselves, as if by magic. Who would of thought that self love could make miracles happen but it does. Thank you, Thank you. - Maria B. Australia

• After a week of receiving your emails for a week, I'm already noticing changes. I had frequent heart palpitations due to anxiety, which have disappeared. My cravings for sweets, which made it nearly impossible to lose weight and are now non-existent. I still have a lot of work to do, but I can't wait to see what happens in the future. - Michael D., VA

• Thank you for all your wisdom, Frederick. I look forward to each little nugget of gold I get from you. .---brilliant messages full of fantastic thoughts. - Abby C. NYC

• I have been on the spiritual path from age 14, read hundreds of books on spirituality and positive thinking, so I know your insights are the truth. I look forward to them every day. - Marie J. Beaumont The Lemonade Diet

Thank you for your self love course. There were times when I wasn't sure about it, but looking back now I see that you have launched me onto the path that I needed to take. I have had a number of important insights and I am now moving in the direction I needed to go. I feel confident that I will reap the benefits I was hoping for. Self love leads me to allow my inner conflicts to be, and understand that blaming myself or arguing with myself is pointless, unnecessary and counter-productive. So it's all so much simpler than I ever expected it to be. At times it seemed impossible. Self love has gone past the stage of repeating the words "I love myself" without much conviction, and has shifted to the stage of accepting, honoring and appreciating what actually goes on in my head. WOW, THAT IS ONE HUGE LEAP FORWARD - .You did this for me, Thank you Frederick. Geneviève, Alabama

• Thank you Frederick for your support. It has been more helpful than years of going on and on to people about my problems and more helpful than talking with various professionals. I think that it's not only your perspective but it's your delivery. I don't know you well enough to trust you but your counsel is sound and reasonable. It works for me. You are very good at what you do. It makes me think of the guys that they bring in to talk people off the ledge. I can appreciate that I have been working with one of the best. Thank you sincerely for your time. - Lily W. Montana



Self-Love Thought Mastery Program



You can pay for my program through PAYPAL or a credit or debit card


After making your payment, click the RETURN TO FREDERICK ZAPPONE BUTTON located on payment receipt page to immediately receive your copy of my Self-Love Thought MASTERY program