You attract what you believe, not what you want

If you are thinking it, you are attracting it.


The law of attraction WORKS, there is no doubt about it.

There exists plenty of scientific proof and subjective evidence based upon the personal experiences of thousands of people that the law works.

Like gravity the law of attraction works all the time.The problem most people have with the law of attraction is that they TRY to make the law work in their favor rather than allowing it to work in their favor.

You cannot make the law of attraction work but if you are 'wise to the ways' of the law of attraction, you can allow it to work in your favor all the time rather than having it attracting things into your life that you do not want.

The Story You Tell Yourself Is The Life You Create For Yourself

You are thinking thoughts all day long. Those thoughts make up your beliefs and from your beliefs you are constantly (and automatically) attracting people, places and circumstances (good or bad) that are creating the life you have right now, this very moment, EXACTLY the way it is. If you want your life to change from HARD to EASY or from struggle to no struggle, you have to think different thoughts.

The bottom line is if you think EASY thoughts you will create an EASY life for yourself and if you think HARD thoughts you will create a HARD LIFE for yourself.

To make life EASY on yourself sign up for my 'cutting edge' daily law of attraction reminders. These reminders give you the insights you need that ALLOWS the law of attraction to work in your favor at all times and under all circumstances. You will receive one daily law of attraction reminder every day for 365 days.

When you get to the end of reading all 365 of my daily reminders you will be the absolute master at ALLOWING the LOA to work in your favor all the time.

These law of attraction insights are based on my successful experience of using the law in my own life to attract all the love, money and good health I want. Since I have mastered the right use of the law of attraction I do not pursue anything, I attract everything I want into my life with no effort at all. You can too.

Reading a law of attraction insight is one thing but if you can't apply that insight to your daily life then that insight is meaningless to you. I make it a point of explaining my LOA insights that need explanation with great simplicity and clarity of thought.

Below are examples of the kind of daily LOA insights you will be receiving from me. Some will be as short as those listed below and others longer because they include explanations on 'how to' apply a particular insight to your daily life.

• You Don't Get What You Want, You Get What You Believe
• Say it often enough and your word becomes LAW in the Universe.
• It is not what you do that attracts, it is how you feel that does
• When the conscious and subconscious mind agree, you can attract anything.
• All material things in life are first created mentally, then physically.
• Nothing (good or bad) gets manifested into your reality without your thoughts.
• Whatever you focus your attention on expands and you attract more of the same.
• Scarcity is nothing more than an uninterrupted bad habit of thought.
• Feel it REAL because whatever you choose to feel real becomes real for you.
• Fearing 'fear' is single greatest block to making the LOA work for you.
• Feelings are the first physical evidence that something is coming true for you.
• For the LOA to work all the time replace fear and doubt with faith and trust.


The Daily Law of Attraction insights you receive from me (365 in all) will reinforce and strengthen what you already know about the law so you can make it work in your favor with effortless ease. Here is an example of one of my longer LOA insights that you will be receiving from me. - Frederick Zappone



Fastest way to attract what you want is by living in the OBSERVATION mode. Everything you need to know about successfully attracting what you want by living in the observation mode is explained in the daily law of attraction reminders and insights you will be receiving from me.



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