Listening To Your Pain Heals Your Pain
(How To Listen And Clearly Understand The Messages of Guidance and Advice Your Pain Is Sending Your Way)
© 2018 By Frederick Zappone

Pain, physical and emotional, talks to us all the time but most of us never listen to it because we are too busy resisting it. 

When pain strikes me, like it did a little bit ago, it predominately strikes me in my solar plexus. If I resist the pain when I feel it, it either intensifies or persists in annoying me. Pain is the subconscious part of our mind talking to us. When I pay attention to my pain, like I am doing, right now, it calms down.

My pain wants share itself with you. It wants to teach you how to listen to your pain so you can make it disappear without having to resort to drugs or addictions of any kind.

Pain faced head reveals to you benevolent messages of guidance and advice. Once you receive and understand the message your pain is sending your way, your pain will disappear back into the ‘nothingness’ from which it came.

The pain you feel in your body is trapped energy looking for an outlet where it can safely express itself to you. It will express itself to you through your conscious mind where you can benefit from the wisdom and insights it wants to share with you.

Pain is common in our society. What is not so common is understanding that your pain carries benevolent messages of guidance and advice especially for you.

It doesn't matter if the pain is emotional or physical, if you listen closely to your pain, you will heal your pain. Pain only persists when we don't heed the benevolent messages of guidance and advice our pain is sending our way.

I've never had a case where the pain didn't disappear completely once the person with the pain understood the message of guidance and advice pain was sending their way.

In the following section of my book I share with you how to talk to your pain in a way that will cause it to dissolves naturally.


What you just read is an excerpt from my book titled:

Be With The Pain (And Watch it Disappear)

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