Improve Your Health, Wealth And Relationships Using Keyword Affirmations

Keyword Affirmations Are Far Better and More Effective Than Traditional Affirmations

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While traditional affirmations do work, surprisingly they do not work for as many people as you think they should. Why? Because, for many people, affirmations cause conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind.

For example the affirmation I AM HEALTHY* for many people will immediately cause their subconscious mind to disagree with it. Why? Because if people don't feel healthy, they would be lying to themselves if they said they were

In order for the subconscious mind to inspire, guide or led you to what you want, the subconscious and conscious mind must be in agreement.

Conscious Mind DIRECTS - Subconscious Mind DELIVERS

The purpose of your conscious mind is to give commands to the subconscious so it will go to work providing your conscious mind with the insights and thoughts you need that will allow you to produce the results you want.

Giving commands to the subconscious works much more effectively when you use KEYWORD AFFIRMATIONS rather than traditional affirmations.

For example instead of using the traditional affirmation, I AM HEALTHY reduce it down to the KEYWORD: HEALTHY.

When you repeat the keyword HEALTHY it does not trigger the subconscious mind to argue with it. Instead, the subconscious mind immediately begins working on flooding your mind with all kind of insights and inspired thoughts that allow you to achieve fully restored health no matter how sick you are.



Once a KEYWORD is successfully anchored to the subconscious mind it will produce amazing results, in your life, in a very, very short period of time.

Any time you feel negative about your health repeat the Keyword affirmation HEALTHY over and over again until the negativity dissolves.

Using the Keyword affirmation HEALTHY will dissolve the negativity quickly because when you use this 'one word affirmation' you are not giving your subconscious mind anything to resist, disagree with or argue about.


Insights about the Subconscious Mind Excerpted From My Keyword Affirmation Update Library

• All the arguments you have with yourself are really going on between your conscious and subconscious mind.

• Resisting the programming in your subconscious mind that is sabotaging your success is futile, instead, change it.

• Your subconscious mind dictate what you will fail at and what you will succeed at. This explains why 'good intentions' alone are not enough to guarantee your success.

• When there is a conflict between a conscious thought and a subconscious thought, the subconscious thought always win.

• Subconscious thoughts that are negative make themselves known to you through your feelings. If you listen closely you will know exactly what thoughts your subconscious mind is serving up to you.

• If all it took was 'conscious thought' to become healthy, wealthy and wise then everyone would be. The reason all people are not successful is because they do not understand the critical part the subconscious mind plays in manifesting their wants and desires.

• When the conscious and subconscious mind are in agreement results happen quickly and spontaneously.


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* Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a professional healthcare practitioner for that kind of information. On the other hand, if you choose to act upon the information provided to you on this page and in my updates (which is your constitutional right to do so), the author is not responsible for the consequences of your actions.