Did you know that your current beliefs are the only thing that are stopping you from having what you want out of life, nothing else, just your current beliefs.

Belief Creates The Actual Fact

Your beliefs are either working for or against you. They are either effortlessly attracting to you the things you want or they are pushing the things you want away from you.

To change the results in your life, you must change your beliefs. Here are two examples from my own life.

I was depressed for more years than I care to admit. Once I changed my beliefs and stopped believing in depression, I quit being depressed. The same was true for love. For years I believed love was scarce. However once I changed my belief and stopped believing in a lack of love, I began experiencing love in abundance.

I can coach you in giving up beliefs that are stopping you from attracting the things you want out of life.

If you want to adopt beliefs that will allow you to attract the money, love or health you want, I can show you how to do that. I will coach you in adopting a new set of beliefs that will inspire and empower you. These new beliefs will replace your current set of beliefs that limit you, discourage you or make you feel defeated in some way.

If you are ready to let go of those beliefs that no longer serve you and exchange them for beliefs that will allow you to attract what you want, I'm ready to coach you.

If you are ready to trade in your beliefs that cause you to experience self-doubt and make you feel less confident in yourself than you would like to feel, sign up now.


The reason I am able to coach you for a small one time fee is because I get results for my clients very quickly. The only limitation I have is the number of clients I can handle at any given time. That being said I am now accepting new clients on a first come, first serve basis.

As soon as I receive your one time coaching fee, you will receive your first in a series of coaching emails from me that will make changing your beliefs and attracting what you want very easy for you to do.

-- Frederick Zappone


According to your BELIEFS so shall it be for you....and it always is...


YES, I want you to coach me in giving up my beliefs that limit me and replace them with beliefs that inspire and empower and make it possible for me to create my life the way I always dreamed it could be.

One time Coaching Fee





As a former VP of a nationally known corporation, I've been coaching people in changing their beliefs since 1998. As soon as I receive your one time coaching fee, you will receive your first coaching email from me - Frederick Zappone




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