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Do you dislike or hate negative feelings?
Do negative feelings make you feel like a victim?
Got chronic negative feelings you can’t get rid of? 
Do you experience negative feelings that make you unhappy?

Tired of going to therapists, reading self-help books or taking pills to deal with your negative feelings? Tired of overeating, drinking, smoking or relying on other addictive habits, such as drugs or sex, in your attempt to keep yourself from feeling negative feelings. Tired of thinking about and/or complaining to yourself or other people about your negative feelings?

Hating, resisting or fighting with our negative feelings makes them persist.

Suppressing or squashing negative feelings by denying or ignoring them causes them to grow stronger. This results in our negative feelings sabatoging our best efforts to succeed.

Thinking about our negative feelings feeds them energy and keeps them ALIVE. Any thoughts we think to make negative feelings disappear causes them to grow in strength and power over us until they have the power to cripple us if we allow them too. There is only one way to make negative feelings disappear, permanently, and that is by observing them.

In my Screw Negative Feelings program I explain exactly what it takes to make unwanted feelings disappear, permanently, by observing them in accordance with the law of physics.

Negative feelings are benevolent teachers in disguise. They dissolve of their own accord when we don't judge them as good or bad but simply observe them until the good in them appears.

You feel negative for a GOOD reason. Once the reason is revealed to you, the negative feeling goes POOF.

Screw Negative Feelings is delivered to you in bite size chunks via email over a period of twenty-one days. This delivery method allows you to easily digest and benefit from the 'cutting edge' information in my program. After twenty-one days you will receive seven (7) updates as a result of additional insights I have acquired about making negative feelings work for rather than against you. - Frederick Zappone

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