A Virus Called FEAR

DDirected By Ben Fama Jr



.You know the wall I am talking about, it's the one that stops you from having the love, health, money or relationship you want. - Frederick Zappone

You have wants and desires, then you have those things that live in opposition to your wants and desires. Those things are called your WALL

This article explains what the WALL 'looks and feels' like and gives you ways you can DESTROY or PULVERIZE your wall or if you prefer kinder words, make your wall dissolve, DISAPEAR or go POOF.

The WALL is anything you perceive as an OBSTACLE or ROADBLOCK to what you want.

Obstacles and roadblocks show up, in your life, the moment you take your EYES off of what you DO want (love, health, money, etc.) and allow your attention to be focused on those things you DON'T want (lack of love or money, poor health, or the absence of a relationship).

Your WALL is composed of many things but mostly it is composed of thoughts and memories. In order to feel any wall that you cannot actually see, you must consciously or unconsciously be thinking fear thoughts or replaying failure memories from your past or 'fearing' the future.

Your WALL stops you from having what you want by causing you to focus your attention on such things as failure, loss, despair, disappointment, discouragement, or depression. Whatever you focus your attention on, you attract more of the same. The more you focus on what you DON'T want, the stronger your wall gets and the more real it becomes to you.

Fear is what creates the wall, not real fear or practical fears but imagined fears.

Fear is the only thing the lives in opposition to what you want and it show up in many forms. It shows up in the form of negative thoughts such as; Can't, never, it will always be like this, I will never have what I want, etc. It also shows up in the form of other people when we project our fear onto them or when we blame them for not having what we want.


the moment you face your fears head on, your WALL dissolves.

Fears resisted or avoided, gains in strength and power over us. The more we avoid facing our fears head on, the more they cripple or disable us. Fears not faced head on have the potential to destroy us. They can make us feel chronically depressed, even suicidal.

If we choose not to face our fears head on (along the uncomfortable feelings they produce in our body), we will turn to drugs or alcohol to medicate and sedate our feelings. This solution to our fears is like putting a Band-Aid on an infected cut, it won't heal the infection, only make it worse.

Fear, not faced head on, frightens people. Fear, not faced head on, weakens people, makes them sick. It make them stop thinking rationally. Fear, resisted, depresses people, makes them anxious. It hypnotizes people and puts them into a feeling bad state of mind. You will find the antidote to fear on this page.

Any time you feel like something is stopping you from having what you want (or from being as happy as you want to be), that's because something is, your very own thoughts.

All thoughts for, better or worse, have consequences and the first place we feel the consequences of our thoughts is in our body.

Negative Thoughts (and memories of failure) have ZERO power to stop you from having what you want UNTIL you give them YOUR POWER

Without the knowledge of how you give thoughts (and memories), YOUR POWER, you will, often times, find yourself feeling moody or depressed for no reason you can explain.

In addition, because you don't know how to take YOUR POWER away from undesirable thoughts (and memories), you will end up feeling flawed in some way when you are not.

If you want to be able to give your power to DESIRABLE thoughts or take your power away from UNDESIRABLE thoughts, at will, I can show you how to do that.

It is much easier than you think and very simple to do once you know what I know. It took me twenty years to learn the easy way to give and take power away from thoughts.

Everything I know about giving and taking power away from thoughts (and memories) I put into a program I wrote called Thought Mastery. My program gives you the knowledge and insights you need to give and take power away from thoughts (and memories) at will.

My program also explains what is required, on your part, to neutralize thoughts (and memories) that are negative so that they can no longer harm you in any way, The information in my program is delivered to you in twenty-one easy lessons.

There is nothing to do except to read through the 'lessons' you receive from me.

There is no homework, no exercises, nothing to figure out.

Once you learn how to 'give your power to and take your power away' from thoughts, as needed. the negative issues other people face, in life, will no longer be your issues. You will experience more emotional freedom than you ever dreamed possible

The information in my program puts you back in the driver's seat again. Start reading my 21 'cutting edge' lessons now to dissolve your wall so you are no longer prevented from achieving those things out of life that are most important to you.

-- Frederick Zappone


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About Frederick Zappone:

Frederick Zappone is a former VP of a nationally known company. A Pittsburgh area resident. He has spent the last twenty years of his life researching and studying from a medical, scientific, religious, psychological, and spiritual point of view how the mind works to create our personal reality.